PTP 5.8 Interference problem???

I have a PTP relay link using Motorola 58600s. One end of the link is showing what appears to be interference. I was having problems with the link dropping out from time to time. Biggest problem was the horizontal antenna cable was broken off the antenna dish. Once that was fixed, the noise issue appears.
In the spectrum management the receive power shows 80+ dBm all across 5742 to 5832, in orange. If I leave the radios in i-DFS mode the one jumps all around but I only get something like 10 to 21 meg - link capacity. At times it has jumped to 50 to 75 meg at times for several hours. It’s an 8 mile link.
I also have another 5.8 radio used for at the same location. It’s spectrum shows interference when the 58600 is turned on but once the 58600 is powered off the interference drops off.
The other half of the link has a little interference but many clear channels as well.
Any thoughts?

i’m willing to bet its not interfence… is this shot LOS? at 8 miles you should be running much better than what you are showing based on your specrum…

in your diag. screen what is your V to H ratio? they should be near 0 if there 15 or something crazy like that, look at your antenna jumpers and double check that you don’t have water or anything in your jumpers…

when you see this loss in thruput do you see a reduced rec. power with a higher tx power? also what is our vector error when this happens?

if your losing rx power and your tx power is increasing the same time you get lost thruput. its not interfence is a problem with the hardware

just wondering if you have resolved this problem, and what the fix was???