PTP 54500 default password?

Hello everyone, I have a pair of the PTP 54500, I step recovery mode for IP and Ethernet up so ordinary.That the probleme is the ip entar through the browser to enter options PTP ASKs me for a password and tried to " admin" , " ptp54500 " , " ptp500 " but it does not work someone can help me with this . thank you very much in advance

Please leave the password as blank and then try.


Vivek Gupta 

Leave the Password blank but still does not work.

thanks for answering like

Is the unit asking for Username and Password or just Password?

just Password

Okay, I think i see what's happened here. You can reset the IP and Ethernet configuration from Recovery, but this doesn't touch the security configuration. To reset the passwords, you'll need to erase ALL configuration. Then you should be able to get back in with the blank password.

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when you start the machine in recovery mode gives these options:

I have entendiodo that if I give the option "Erase Configuration" clear all data Including license key Which do not POSSESS Because the equipment is old. What would you recommend me? 

thanks for answering

Could you try the Zeroize Critical Security Parameters button please? That should erase all the security parameters including the passwords without losing the license key.

Thanks, Mark

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hi thank you very much for the help helped me a lot. and I Could get a new license from the page cambium and I could solve the problem presented

thanks Mark.

I made reboot for recovery mode, but i didn't see “zeroise critical security parameters”, only see the below, so what should I do for this case:


In this case, your only option is to click on Erase Configuration. All configuration will be lost. You must then connect to the ODU at the default IP address and log in using the default (blank) password, and reconfigure the link as you want it. You will need to re-install the License Key.