PtP 550 and force 300 25 eptp bandwidth loss

Hi all, just curious if anyone using ptp 550 link or a force 300 25 ptp link in eptp ever experienced lower link test than in TDD mode?

YES - I’ve reported this a number of times. ePTP mode for us is not usable at all… with real world bi-directional data, our F300/550 ePTP links fall flat on their face.

In the ePMP1000 / 2000, ePTP mode was magic. In the 3000/300/550, it is a totally different animal and for us, not usable.

We have switched all our F300 to TDD, or replace them with other gear. TDD mode works well.

Okay thank you. Im not going crazy…saw a rise in the uplink but downlink was terrible lose, a 210 downlink was cut in half.

Major ePTP improvements are coming soon in 4.6 Beta #2. If you are interested, I would be happy to share private firmware right now.

Thank you.

That would be fantastic! Any chance of eptp while using channel bonding?

Fedor. I have sent an email.

Hi ninedd, did you get a chance to try this?