PTP 550 cant running with channel bonding

i have some problem with our Device PTP 550 can't running with channel bonding.

Radio1 success send 2 carrier with full modulation 256QAM MCS 15/15, but Radio2 not success send with full modulation and just MCS 1/2.

and the traffic just 300 Mbps Up/Down.

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Have you managed to solve the problem? I also bought a PTP550 and I have the same problem. In channel bonding mode, antennas do not connect with each other.

We are able to connect with channel bonding, but chain imbalance is terrible.  We have swapped 2 different sets of dishes, same thing.  with or without channel bonding.  anyone else seeing these results?

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Do you have test traffic running through PTP550 or link is already running in production?

Thank you.

It was a live production link, after troubleshooting off/on for 3 days, we finally replaced with different equipment and haven't tested 550 again yet.

I was just troubleshooting a network with a 550. Some things to know.  This is a very noisy environment.   We have a pair of RF elements ultra horns on this 5 mile link to try and mitigate noise.  I am sure noise adds to the issues we have been seeing.

With channel bonding enabled we are seeing drops in traffic, but not in RF. Pings to the other side of the link will consistently time out for 5-7 pings at a time and pick back up. This is on a 40mhz/20mhz split.  If we turn of the 20 mhz its just fine.

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Same here. With a 40Mhz channel the link works fine but if I enable the channel bonding with 40: 20Mhz or 40: 40Mhz, Radio2 always stops passing traffic and the performance data is very bad. The statistics in MCS indicate that you are jumping from one MCS to another.

RSSI and SNR are good.

I have tested with 3 different firmware versions and it does the same thing (4.3.2, 4.3.1 and If I noticed that with version the performance on a 40Mhz channel was better (220/220 udp / tcp).

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Here some additional info (yesterday):

I have to set up a second PTP to keep production traffic below 170Mbps on the PTP550 or the packet loss and jitter are terrible.
This PTP550 replaces RB922 with RF-Elements 27dBi Ultra-Dish antennas. Same channel, same channel width, same power even. Very similar capacity results but latency and jitter at 550 much worse.
Maybe something I'm not doing well or my environment does not like the 550 :)

Conclusion (for now) : I wanted to have a hardware with double radio to be able to have 2 channels of 40Mhz and get added capacity and stability. As the bonding does not work, I have the same total capacity and the latency and jitter are worse ... :(

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