PTP 550 Channel Bonding Configuration

Summary: This article will show you how to configure channel bonding on a PTP 550 link.

Products: PTP 550 Master and Slave radios.

Solution: PTP 550 comes with three radios integrated in a single unit. The second radio comes into picture when Channel bonding is enabled else, only one radio is operating. The third radio is dedicated for spectrum analyzer.


Go to the Configuration→Radio tab of the device with Radio mode Master and enable Channel Bonding as shown below:

Enabling Channel Bonding will provide two options to configure the Radio Transmitter Power viz Radio 1 Transmitter Power and Radio 2 Transmitter Power:

(Note: The Transmit power limits may vary depending on the Radio Country Code and the Frequency band configured)

Now you will see two separate Radio SSIDs that will be automatically numbered with suffix 1 and 2.

We can configure two Radio Channel Bandwidths that could be same or different.

The option to configure two Radio Frequency Carriers will be available and they must not be the same or overlapping.

The Wireless Status, Registered Slave Module status could be checked under the Monitor→Wireless tab as shown below:

The Session time, DL/UL RSSI, DL/UL SNR, etc. for individual radios will be displayed here.

Slave: Go to the Configuration→Radio tab of the device with Radio mode Slave and enable Channel Bonding.

The Preferred Master SSID is configured which will be the SSID entered in the Master radio (without suffixes 1 or 2). Under this configuration the Security method is also selected.

Refer to the below image:

The Radio Max Tx power is recommended to be set to Auto in order to allow it to adjust automatically based on EIRP for a particular Country and Frequency band used. While Channel bonding Enabled, we will see two columns to configure the two individual radios Radio 1 and Radio 2.

The Scan Channel Bandwidth and Scan List can be configured in the below tab as per the Master configuration:

Under the Monitor→Wireless tab we could check if the Slave is able to scan the Master SSID, the Downlink RSSI of the link, the Operating channel bandwidth and frequency etc.

The Registration Status will move from Scanning to Registering to Registered during the registration process. The Wireless Link Status will show Up and Registration State as Success.

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