PTP 550 Connectorized with RD5G34 Antenna :: 33Km~ 80+40Mhz

PTP 550 Connectorized with RD5G34 (34dBi Antenna)
Link Distance :: 33.8Km LOS
Link Type :: 2+0 ; 80Mhz + 40Mhz
UL/DL Ratio :: 50/50

LINKPlanner Design::

eAlign Status::

Link Test Result::

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Looks like maybe there's some fresnel issues and/or the alignment could be a bit better?

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The end-user is planning to re-align the link.. to achieve more RSSI level.. will posted update here once i got the result.. 

An update with this..

After another alignment we got an increase in capacity.. from around 500 Mbps, now we got around 780 Mbps. 


That is great - any tips on how you did the alignment to get that kind of a boost?

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  Sir what cable do you used to connect the ptp550 and RD5G34 Antenna? Thank you

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Actually I am curious, How much real time traffic did you get in throughput chart(monitor) and did you get the stable link with max. traffic flows?