PTP 550 doesn't pass vlan

Hi all, 

I have a problem with 2 ptp 550, i'm using them to connect 2 sites of the same company and i need to pass the vlans through them.

Someone told me that there is a but in the firmware and i have to upgrade at version 4.3.1-RC21 but in download section of the site there is only
Can anyone help me?

Is there any confuguration to do for pass vlans? the bridge is layer 2 or 3?
Thanks all.

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I have forwarded your post to our support  and development teams. They should respond soon


Hi Aveliavr,

You can use 4.3 FW for your use case, just pass through tagged traffic just disable all VLANs configuration and PTP550 link will operate in transparent bridge mode.



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Am having the same problem as well. What software version would you recommend am currently using 4.4