PTP 550 low throughput ethernet

Hi all!

I got some strange issues here.
I got a 550E link with -51 db signal. wireless link test gives you this:

The RED marking is built in wireless speed test within the link.
The Blue markings is a live datatest from a mikrotik.
Ive tried TDD mode en ePMP master only differs 5mbit.

Speedtest within the Mikrotik (over ethernet)
I have over 2gbit free bandwidth at the tower so the limitation is not the bandwidth to the testserver.
If I try and download a large file, the speeds are the same as the built in Mikrotik speedtest.

Spectrum scan looks like this.
Ive tried 3 different channels with the same result (+/- 25mbit over wireless linktest, over ethernet the same)

I also disabled SFP port (read on the forum that its been some problems with low throughput when SFP enabled. it gained some extra speed over ethernet (wireless linktest unaffected as expected).

I was running 4.6.2 and then upgraded to 4.7.0 results are still the same.

Linkplanner says Predicted -50 dBm (+/- 5 dB) Im at -53 dBm
and my Aggregate 653.34 Mbps and predicted is 694,44 so wirelessly im spot on.

But as above I cannot get the speeds thru over ethernet, I peak at ~145mbit over the ethernet port.
Cables are tested good with Fluke tool.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Been running bandwidth test in Mikrotik for 30 minutes now, not changed anything.
Getting Average 140.9 Mbps

Some peaks at 200 mbps as you see below here.
I should be able to reach close to the alomst 400 mbps the wireless test says it has…

Hi, sorry to hear you are having trouble. Is this a new link or was it running with expected results prior? Are you using the provided power injector or using a POE switch for the 550? Is everything negotiating at 1G? Is the 550 co-located with any Radio Station equipment? We had a 550 co located at a radio station and whenever their backup transmitters fired up it caused interference on the cat5 and knock it down to 100mbps negotiation and sometimes take the whole eth port down , but switched to optic cable for 550 and no issues after that.

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Thanks for reply,
Well its been working better (not full speed) on another location with more interference.
This unit has been running at another location before (cannot tell 100% sure it was performing much better cause it was setup as an failover unit so it mostly idled before. and its always been on ETH and not SFP.

Right now the guys are connecting some SFP and fibre to it. Proboably will take another hour before they are done on site. Hopefully we get full speeds when fibre is up and running

I will update you as soon as we have anabled and connected the fibre to see if we have any gains

EDIT: Regarding your 1GB questions, everything is 1gig , ive tried AUTO and set it to fixed 1 gig. no difference.

Sorry I cant be more help… I will admit I have not used a 550E, seems strange, everything seems good as far as the radio goes as per your comments. Yes definitely post your results… we have swapped most of our 550 links with 400c radios… they are really impressive, using them in higher interference areas, albeit also paired with Radiowaves antennas which helps as well. Good luck!!