PTP 550 Management VLAN Issues

2 New PTP 550's

1 master, 1 slave

Using same management VLAN for the 550's that we use for all our AP's and SM's on this tower. We are having weird problems with these 550's, and only with the 550's.

For the master, the "globe" internet connectivity comes and goes. Sometimes I can use the ping tool in the GUI to ping outside addresses (, etc). sometime I can not. 

The slave can only be reached using via ethernet. I can not reach it by its management address from ethernet. You can ping the management address from ethernet, but can not reach the GUI. I can reach the GUI via wireless. 

We have 7 AP's (1000's and 2000's) on this tower with around 80 SM's using this exact same management VLAN and NONE of them display any of these issues. The Master and Slave are programmed the same as the other  AP's and SM's for testing purposes. Wireless and Ethernet for management access is checked. 

Is this a known problem?

We have only been testing these for a day and so far this is the only issue we have found (fingers crossed).

I have forwarded this to our product and support teams.

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Thanks Ray.

More issues, big time issues. 

Have been running link from core tower to my house 900' away for complete testing before installation.

Set up is fiber>tik>switch>550 master<------>550 slave>tik>devices in home. Using management and data VLANs. Exact same management and data VLANs we have working accross 7 other AP's and SM's on this tower. Those have absolutely no issues. 

One thing to note is these backhauls will not being using any type of VLAN in their final deployment. They will be OSPF based PTP with their own /29. We are switching our network from OSPF to BGP very soon as we will be peering with our local municpalities fiber network. I do not know how 550's will be configured then as we contract our large networking projects.

Last night I was on PC looking at 11Ghz equipment at two distributors for a future tower. Both sites had huge delays with the tabs spinning. Sometimes I would have to stop pages and refresh for them to display. Two Xbox Ones going. One playing Black Ops 4 , the other Fortnite. Kept getting moaning and groaning from kids about lag and being kicked out of games. Wife was watching HGTV on Sling and it seemed to be fine. As long as she was happy.....

A few hours later, and pretty much simultaneously, both two kids on xboxes are screaming internet is down. I try to refresh page I am on to see if I am still up and comes up with DNS error. Sling stops playing and a no internet, check network message comes up. Go to networking setting on TV and it shows no DNS.

I pull up Command Prompt and attempt to ping outside address. They all fail including DNS addresses. I log into slave side Tik and can ping outside addresses (weird). I log into master and can ping addresses. Since I have been having trouble logging into Slave using management address on ethernet side of slave, I had to disconnect my office PC and slave from tik and connect both directly to pass through switch so I can access slave using 169 address. Before I set a static 169 addy on pc, I let pc pull an address from core Tik. Still no internet and DNS error messages. Once I set a static 169 on pic and log into slave I can not ping any outside address, and green globe is down on slave. This could not have been an issue with the core tik. Customers on this VLAN were passing data and we had no calls or emails. 

I go to system log of slave, and a ton of errors. Things like cpu directories missing. DNSmasq, no such file or directory...etc. I factory default slave. Go straight to system log after default, same things. I then reinstall in both banks. Still same errors in system log. I proceed to set slave back up by hand (did not load back up file in case it was corrupt). Once I save settings the cpu and dns missing file messages go away, but there are other error messages. Everything seems to work.

I then change slave MTU to 1528 to match our core switch settings. Everything still good. I then connect slave and my pc back to tik, pull a dhcp address. All still good, sites load quick, etc. I then log into the master using the management address and change MTU to 1528. Internet still working fine, but I can no longer reach the master using management address since the MTU change. I can not even ping it. It does not show up in the core tik ARP table. I even VPN into the core router over Verizon network and still can not access master. Next thing is to go over to tower and see if I can get into it using 169. I will do that later.

I need this working to replace a 100Mbps link that is being saturated in the evenings. We have 2 large chicken farms (millions of birds at each farm) that want 70' towers built with dedicated 40Mbps to farms to supply enough data for farm and workers homes. We can not give them this now as we can not supply enough bandwidth to this edge tower. Not only am I missing out on selling them dedicated internet, I am also missing out selling and constructing towers, all associated AP's (cambium), SM's(cambium), routers(cambium), switches, labor. We have this working already at one farm working off our core tower and now the other farms want it. 

We went with the 550 for channel bonding on non-contiguous channels and GPS sync. Need the sync for the 5Mhz spacing from our current and future AP's, and for reuse, on this tower running 75/25. Can set max distant same as other AP's so no issue there. 

I have system log files from the factory default and fresh reinstall of, and from after setting the slave back up. I can also send config files. 

BTW, these were scheduled for us to install tomorrow morning. As much as I hate this happened, I would much rather it happen with them 15' off the ground rather than 150' and 180'. At least there is some light to this situation. 

I opened support ticket 175330 for this issue. Directed ticket to this post. Included all support files.

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For anyone following, 4.3.1-RC21 has so far seemed to have fixed my issues.