PTP 550 Online Training Available

We have released several PTP 550 courses in Cambium Learning to help you install and configure the new PTP 550, including a PTP 550 Certification Exam. You can access these online courses in Cambium Learning.




I just took PTP550 exam and the first question I got, was about antenna size, but options I had available were only for gain of antenna. Could you please check if there is a mistake in that question?


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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The question has been updated to refelct the proper antenna gain. 


Please could you provide me with the link for the ptp550 online training and just some info on how to go about doing the training and exam.

The PTP 550 online training along with all other Cambium online technical training can be accessed through Cambium Learning using your Cambium ID. Once you log into Cambium Learning, click on "Product Training" and scroll unti you see PTP 550. There are 8 courses available for PTP 550. Once you have completed the training, you can take the PTP 550 Certification Exam. 

The menu icon in the upper left corner will provide navigation paths to other trainings as well as the certification page with the exams. 

Thank you for your response, when I click on the cambium learning link it takes me to a page to download a learning app.

If you are accessing on a mobile device, it will ask you to download the go.learn app with is Cambium Learnings mobile platform. Once you download the app, it will ask you for our site URL. Enter and then click the Blue Sign in bar on the login page. Enter your Cambium ID to log in.


Thank you, it worked.