PTP 550 SFP port low throughput

The PTP 550 shows low throughput with the SFP module.

The tests over the main PSU with copper Ethernet show the performance appropriate to the bandwidth used.

Changing to the SFP with FO the tests show less than half performance.

It has been tested with the Cambium's module C050055L003A, SFP Single Mode and modules from third parties.

The SFP is used only on one radio of the link, the other side uses the main PSU.  

There are not errors on the SFP statistics.

I have the same problem ... I was not right, but this comment, I see that all my problems can be associated with the SFP.

After viewing your comment, I did test without using SFP, I made a bridge in all my mikortiks interconnecting the ethernet ports of the cambium, deactivated all SFP, problem 100% solved.

Cambium, please review the SFP port.


Please open a ticket with Cambium Support Team.

Thank you.