PTP 550 Wireless Link Test

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I have problem in Wireless Link Test The is Downlink 26.776 Mbps and Uplink is 5.083 Mbps and the Aggregate is 31.859 Mbps as in this screen shoot

And the eAlin as in this screen shoot
Note :- This is max Link Test Result And Active Software Version 4.6

so please help me !!!

You obviously have horrible noise. I recommend trying many variations of channel width and frequency. Start with 2 x 20Mhz channels once you’ve found the quietest spots using spec analyser. If you can spend time on this link I suggest you do so - try everything you can until you find the best results. Also try larger channels and drop the max MCS values to reduce retransmits and tighten things up. For example I run 2 x 80Mhz channels with max MCS set to 4 and 6 for downlink and 2 and 3 for uplink - results are 700/160 with sub 10ms latency - which is still high but acceptable for now. You must experiment. Good luck.
P.S. I run 4.6-rc29 don’t ask me why.

Wow, that is pretty good… yes latency is higher but how do you have so much room in the 5.8 band to run x2 @80mhz?

I live in NZ and my wisp is rural. I chose the location because theres no noise and locals had 1-4mbps adsl.
One of my APs faces town (Auckland) wheres theres loads of noise, and as strange as it sounds, running 80mhz channel is how i get the best results out of it. The SMs dont have much noise around them so it’s just uplink noise thats bad, and when its bad its really bad, but theres a sweet spot where everything purrs. I just came from an install for that AP and link test was 404/70. Afyer dropping both max mcs values inended up with 280/50 with 22ms latency.
Good luck