PTP 58500 Firmware Upgrade Not Allowed

Here is a beef I have with Cambium.  I have some PTP 58500's that are still usable.  I've grown my business on not wasting anything, and these are still good radios that feed spurs in our network where 52MB radios will serve quite well.  However, the firmware is older and mismatched, and the link will only run at 25MB.  I try to update the firmware and the site won't let me upgrade the firmware because the radios are more than six months old.  More than six months old?  I guess so - they are discontinued.  Why not open it up so that any of these old radios can still be updated to the latest firmware.  And while you are at it, why not allow full licensing.  I promise you Cambium would get way more mileage out of allowing folks to get everything possible out of these radios before pitching them than forcing our hand with it.  Think about the good will to loyal customers here folks . . .


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Have you contacted Cambium Networks customer support? (

You may have found an exception that the web page isn't designed to accommodate, whereas customer support may be able to provide you with exactly what you need.

I hope this helps!


OK - I've put in a ticket.  Thanks.