PTP 600 Painting

We have a customer that plans to backhaul video streams from a soccer field to the corporate office. It’s a very short hop so we’ll go integrated. The unusual request is the need to paint the ODU completely with dark green paint so it will blend with the existing light pole on which it will be mounted. I know we can use latex so as not to interfere with the panel antenna but I am seriously concerned with the temperature rise this will cause compared to the white coating. This is in the Raleigh, NC area and summer temps can reach 100 F and the radio will work to 140F. I wonder if there would be a warranty issue as well?

Ideas or recommendations from the Cambium Team? Has anyone run into this before?

we leased space in a “tree” (camo tower) and we had to paint everything, I went to lowes and told them i needed paint for the job and they mixed up some laytex with something else to help it hold togher under sun and heat and we sprayed it on. We haven’t noticed any performance problems from it, its been about a year since the install for the city and it hasn’t peeled -yet-

a side note, this particular install was for a city government and we have very ideal link conditions to every shot, the signalling seemed to be fine from my field experence with unpainted radios.

we installed 3 5.4 100 series APs, and one older ptp 400, longest ptmp shot is about 3 and half miles sitting at 71-74 DB, and the 400 is only going 1/2 mile and it sits at a low tx power (around 6 db) and rx at -55ish