PTP 650/670/700 Upgrade Path and Procedure


This document explains the upgrade path and procedure available for PTP 650/670/700 radios. We can upgrade the PTP radio’s using the web GUI. We always recommend being on the latest software version.


If the radio is on the older or 5 years old software version. We must use the step upgrade to ensure that there is no issue with the unit.


If the radio’s are on older version below PTP 670/700 02-65, please ensure that you upgrade the radio to 02-65 version and then upgrade to 03-xx version. In the PTP 650 radio, if the radio is on an older version below PTP 650 01-40, upgrade the radio to PTP 650 01-40 / 01-42 and then upgrade to the latest version.

In the PTP 670, TDM supported version’s are PTP 670 02-50 and PTP670 01-50/01-47 version.
In PTP 700, 02-55 version supports TDM configuration.

The management agent supports application software upgrade using either the web-based interface or the SNMP interface. PTP 650/670/700 software images are digitally signed, and the ODU will accept only images that contain a valid Cambium Networks digital signature. The ODU always requires a reboot to complete a software upgrade.


ODU software version must be the same at both ends of the link. Limited operation may sometimes be possible with dissimilar software versions, but such operation is not supported by Cambium Networks.


When upgrading ODU software using the wireless link upgrade the remote unit first, reboot the remote ODU, and then upgrade the local unit to the same software version.
Ensure that the correct units are upgraded, as units cannot easily be downgraded afterwards

Software Upgrade Page
Menu option: System > Software Upgrade.
Use this page to upgrade the unit to a new version of PTP 650/670/700 operational software.



• Go to the Cambium Support web page ( and navigate to Point-to-Point Software and Documentation and select PTP 650/670/700 Series tab.
• If the support web page contains a later Software Version than that installed on the PTP radio’s, perform the procedure below.


  1. Save the system configuration, form the Save and Restore Configuration page.
  2. On the Cambium Support web page, select the latest PTP 650/670/700 software image (dld2 file) and save it to the local management PC.
  3. On the Software Upgrade page, click Browse. Navigate to the folder containing the downloaded software image and click Open.
  4. Click Upload Software Image. The Software Upgrade Confirmation page is displayed:


  1. Click Program Software Image into Non-Volatile Memory. The Progress Tracker page is displayed. On completion, the Software Upgrade Complete page is displayed:


  1. Click Reboot Wireless Unit, then click OK to confirm. The unit reboots with the new software installed.
  2. Save the post-upgrade system configuration form the save and restore configuration page.

Upgrading software using TFTP

Use this procedure to upgrade software remotely using Trivial FTP (TFTP) triggered by SNMP.


  1. Check that the TFTP client is enabled. Refer to Web-Based Management page.

  2. Set tFTP attributes as described in below table.

  1. Monitor tFTP attributes as described in the below table:

  1. Reboot the ODU as described in Rebooting the unit.
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