PTP 650/670/700 VLAN Configuration


This KB article explain the VLAN configuration for the unlicensed PTP 650/670/700, unit links.

The PTP 650/670/700 acts as a bridge network and passes all the data received on the Ethernet ports. Only the management VLAN is configured on the units. The data traffic VLANs can be added on the network switches or routers and add the network device port in trunk mode.


The VLAN configuration will help to separate the management and data traffic on the network and over the link.

The PTP 650/670/700 Series provides an Ethernet service between Ethernet ports at a local ODU and Ethernet ports at an associated remote ODU. The Ethernet service is based on conventional layer two transparent bridging and is equivalent to the Ethernet Private Line (EPL) service defined by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). The service is transparent to untagged frames, standard VLAN frames, priority-tagged frames, provider bridged frames, Q-in-Q frames and provider backbone bridged frames. In each case, the service preserves MAC addresses, VLAN ID, Ethernet priority and Ethernet payload in the forwarded frame.

Decide if the IP interface of the ODU management agent will be connected in a VLAN. If so, decide if this is a standard (IEEE 802.1Q) VLAN or provider bridged (IEEE 802.1ad) VLAN, and select the VLAN ID for this VLAN. Use of a separate management VLAN is strongly recommended

The management agent can be configured to transmit and receive frames of one of the following types: untagged, priority-tagged, C-tagged (IEEE 802.1Q) or S-tagged (IEEE 802.1ad). C-tagged and S-tagged frames must be single tagged. The VLAN ID can be 0 (priority tagged) or in the range 1 to 4094.

Management frames are processed by the management agent if (a) the destination MAC address in the frame matches the ODU MAC address, and (b) the VLAN ID in the frame matches the VLAN configuration of the management agent.

Menu option: Installation.

System >> LAN configuration

Use this page to update the IP interface attributes.

IMP: Before configuring a VLAN for management interfaces, ensure that the VLAN is accessible, otherwise the unit will be inaccessible after the next reboot.

Interface configuration page:

Blue marked shows the configuration for the management VLAN

When you select the VLAN option in the VLAN for management traffic, then you will get a warning message.


Below screenshot shows the management VLAN configuration on the PTP 650/670/700 units.


Sample configuration on the PTP 650/670/700 radio:


Sample switch configuration:

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/9

description PTP 650-670-700 testing to JDSU
switchport access vlan 22
switchport mode access !

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/10
description PTP 650-670-700 testing to Radio
switchport trunk allowed vlan 22,99
switchport mode trunk !

Note: The MGT VLAN is set to 99 in the radio.​ The data traffic VLAN is 22.