PTP 650 Ancho de banda

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Tengo un enlace PTP650 y el ancho de banda(link capacity) mostrado en el status  no coincide con el agregate data rate mostrado en el plotter.A que se debe esto, tenemos otros enlaces y si coincide porque este no?

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Do you have screenshots of the Status page and the aggregate data rate from the Diagnostic Plotter?

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Attached screenshots requested in a word file.


Thank you for the screen shots.

This link is configured for adaptive symmetry. In this case, the wireless link provides low latency when the offered traffic low, and high capacity (and higher latency) when the offered traffic is high. Also, the wireless capacity can be shared more effectively between transmit and receive directions.

The values reported in Transmit Data Rate and Receive Data Rate are the capacity at the present traffic load. The Aggregate Data Rate plotted in the Diagnostic Plotter is the sum of these two attributes. The Link Capacity attribute (368.18 Mbit/s in this case) is the highest capacity that the link will provide when high traffic load is applied in both directions.

If this seems complicated, try selecting Link Mode Optimization = IP. In this case, the values in the System Status and the Diagnostic Plotter should agree.

thanks your answer solved my problem.