PTP-650 Case study

Dears ,

- I have a PTP-650 Link which is burnt after it's installation date about 45 Days .

- The Power Imjector was powered up via DC Power Source .

- AFter checking , we found the DC Volatge was 54 V .

- The cable linght from the juniper Router till the Outdoor unit is  about 110 M .

* Any Ideas could helping me detecting where is the problem which caused the link to be burnt .

Please could you explain what you mean by "burnt".

54 VDC is fine.

Please check your wiring, in particular the wiring between the PIDU and the radio, and make sure that there are no crossed wires. This must be a straight cable, not any kind of crossover.

Please also be aware that a cable length of 110m is longer than allowed for Ethernet.

- it's faulty operational .

- And all chipset are totally admaged due to high volatge .

- Cable is cate  5e Double shielded , and no cross overs , the Cable is straight .

- we noted something is not normal, as the Tower resistance was high ; is that caused the problem noting that there was no lightenning , and the weather is very Clear . 

Hi Rafaat,

I'm sorry that you are having trouble. Please contact Support and get an RMA number to return this equipment for a detailed investigation.

Please could you explain how you know "...and all chipset are totally damaged due to high voltage", and supply a photo if possible.

Please could you supply a detailed description and wiring diagram showing the power supplied to the PIDU, including ground connections and any LPUs installed.

The PTP-650 maximum operating voltage is 58 V (60 V absolute maximum). In addition the voltage between the negative supply and tower ground must not exceed +/-100 V. So if the tower resistance is very high, is it possible that there is a voltage between the top of the tower and ground or DC input?