PTP 650 Compatibilty with 802.3at standard PoE

The PTP 650 uses power over Ethernet but we often get questions on whether it is compatible with standard 802.3at.  The answer is yes but with the following requirements:

The PTP 650 can be powered from 802.3at Type 2 (also known as PoE+ or PoE Plus) supplies, providing that:

(a) The power source provides power on the {1,2}{3,6} pairs. This is called "Alternative-A". PTP 650 are not compatible with "Alternative-B".

(b) The power source applies power without waiting for negotiation with the ODU sometimes referred to as passive or legacy mode

(c) The power source has sufficient capacity for the power used by the ODU.

(d) The length of the power cable is not more than 100 m.

(e) The PoE output on the PTP ODU Aux port is not used.