PTP 650 different Models

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I need your help how to know the PTP-650 Model via Web interface PTP650 (S,L,Connectorized and Integerated).

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Thanks for this interesting question. There are several ways we could go about this. I think this is the most straightforward.

Set the Browser Title equal to the Product Name

Type "$productName" in the Browser Title control on the Webpage Properties page like this:

Webpage Properties Product Name.PNG

Click Apply Properties

Check the  Browser Title

If the unit is a PTP 650L or PTP 650S, this will be shown in the Browser Title, and the search is over.

If the title is Cambium PTP 50650, as shown below, the unit is a PTP 650 Connectorized or Integrated, and there is one more step needed.

Browser Tab Product Name.PNG

Check the Hardware Version

Check the Hardware Version control on the System Status page. A connectorized unit has a suffix "-C" as shown below. An 650 Integrated (or 650L or 650S) has the suffix "-I".

Hardware Version Connectorized.PNG

 Does this do what you need?

Alternatively, if you want to use SNMP, you could GET the standard sysDescr object at . This returns a string containing the product type and the firmware version like this:

The "PTP 50650" will include an additional "L" or "S" for the 650L or 650S products.

Hardware Version is in the Enterprise MIB at .