PTP_650 ( how to upgrade software version from 50650-01-11 to 50650-01-20)

we have PTP_650 link , where each PTP_hardware is running with Different software version and different licence .

how we can solve this issue .

  • Please provide us step how to upgrade software   revision 50650-01-11 to 50650-01-20
  • will this error affect the stability of service .
  • is it possible generate the default licence through cambium key generator .

If I am understanding your request correctly, The steps for upgrading are real simple.   The software is located at:  Once downloaded, on the PTP650 go to System > Software Upgrade, which it will  prompt you for the file.  

     As far as stability it is recommended both radios are at the same software version for best stability.  

     As for the default license I am not quite sure  what the request is for.  If it is for country, you should always use the your country as it will have the regulatory settings of that country.  If you use other, you will need to be more diligant to make sure your following your areas regulations.

we bought PTP 650 But one of them has 50650-01-11 firmware and the other has 50650-01-40
they are failing to work,how do i rectify this and when i try to go on firmware download link its saying permision denied
kindly help

Hi Larkson,

Did you get as far as this page at the Cambium Support Centre?

If so, could you tell us the MAC address of the units?

Thanks, Mark