PTP 650 Release 01-41 now available for download

Cambium continues to add new capabilities to the most feature-rich product in the industry. The following new features have been added to the PTP 650 in release 01-41.

  1. The Fiber SFP port can now be configured to receive Sync E reference
    • Synchronous Ethernet is used in conjunction with 1588v2 to deliver precise timing, phase and frequency. This is an optional feature typically used with 4G/LTE Backhaul networks.
    • In earlier releases, only the Main PSU port can be used to receive a Synchronous Ethernet frequency reference (in other words, to act as a Sync E slave), whilst the Main PSU port, the Aux port, and the Fiber SFP port can all be used to transmit a Sync E reference (in other words to act as a Sync E master).
    • In 650-01-41, the ODU can be configured to use either the Main PSU port or the Fiber SFP port to receive a Sync E reference. Note that the ODU does not select between the Main PSU and SFP ports automatically; the selection is part of the configuration. However, the link does continue to select automatically between the nominated port at the near end and the nominated port at the remote end, based on the QL level in Synchronisation Status Messages received at these port
  2. Improvements to Spectrum Expert
    • Channels can be barred and activated (un-barred) in the Extended Display Mode.
    • Multiple channels can be selected using standard Shift-Click and Control-Click methods.
    • The scaling of the horizontal axis has been improved and now supports horizontal scrolling where appropriate.
  3. Single polarization configuration in the web-based and SNMP interfaces
    • PTP 650 now allows selection of single polarization operation of the wireless (H only or V only) in the System Configuration and Installation Wizard pages of the web-based management interface, and in the proprietary SNMP MIB.
  4. Unit identification in the web-based and SNMP interfaces
    • The unit now displays the Electronic Serial Number (ESN) and Mechanical Serial Number (MSN) in the System Status page of the web-based management interface, and in the proprietary SNMP MIB.
  5. Japan 4.9 GHz regulatory band
  6. Maximum range increased to 250 km
    • The PTP 650 now provides an option to set ranging mode to 0 to 250 km.
    • The specification for the maximum range on the PTP 650 has also now been increased to 250 km.

A number of other minor problems and limitations have been removed. These improvements are described in more detail in the system release note available for download along with the software.

The release is available now and the software can be downloaded from the support center at:


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Hello Bruce.

I have a ptp650 link  with 1 or 2 bad pigtails. I was thinking this update will help to identify wich ones; but cant find in the GUI where to activate/deactivate V or H pol.


Hi Juan,

You have to enable the new control first. We didn't want to clutter the configuration web page with a new control that most people won't use. The control is enabled in Webpage Properties.

We provided some screenshots here: PTP-650-Single-Polarity-operation

Hope this helps!


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Juan, creative way to use this new feature.   Good idea.  Let us know how your troubleshooting goes.  - Bruce

Well, diagnostics done on the master side.

When I select H only, the link capacity reduces a little; when I select V only link drops.

going to replace pigtails these week.

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