PTP 650 Release 01-42 now available for download

Firmware for PTP 650-01-42 is now available to download from

DFS operation in FCC U-NII-2C

650-01-42 supports the FCC 5.4 GHz (U-NII-2C) band under the rule changes recently introduced. The band available for U-NII devices has been extended to cover all of the spectrum between 5470 MHz to 5725 MHz, making an additional 50 MHz available for unlicensed use. At the same time, the firmware complies with rule changes requiring more effective detection when operating co-channel with a terminal Doppler weather radar (TDWR).

To take advantage of the additional 50 MHz of spectrum, generate a new License Key for the United States using your existing MAC address at The 5.4 GHz band is now selected using Regulatory Band RB 9.

Operation in Canada continues to be supported using RB 13. Operation in Chile, Colombia and Kenya continues to be supported using RB 12.

More information about the rule changes is here: FCC rule changes for the 5.4 GHz band (U-NII-2C)

Modifications to Japan 4.9 GHz regulatory bands

In RB 78, RB 88 and RB 89, Link Symmetry options have been extended to support:

  • 5 MHz: 1:1
  • 10 MHz, 20 MHz: 1:3, 1:2, 1:1, 2:1, 3:1

Channel bandwidth 15 MHz is no longer supported for RB 78 and RB 88.

The maximum transmitter power in RB 88 has been increased from 16 dBm to 17 dBm. The maximum transmitter power in RB 78 is now 14 dBm or 37 dBm EIRP, whichever is the smaller.

Site Name added to System Summary page

The Site Name attribute has been added to the System Summary page as a read-only control.

Further details of the new features are available in the System Release Note at

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