PTP 650 used for Oil and Gas off-shore (FPSO) operations in Angola

Another project orchestrated by our friends at BATS wireless using the Cambium Networks PTP 650.  This project connects off shore oil and gas vessels. 

Providing telemetry data, safety information and even entertainment for the employees, these FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) facilities require reliable equipment that can operate over long stretches of water.

If anyone has photos of these types of off-shore deployments please post.  We'd love to see them.

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INDIANAPOLIS – March 23, 2017 – BATS Wireless (BATS), the world’s leading innovator of wireless stabilization, optimization, and tracking systems today announced that it has been selected by a major oil & gas company to deliver its innovative platform to FPSO communications solution for integration offshore. The project calls for BATS to provide its state-of-the-art DVM-50C system, which will facilitate critical communications capabilities and data sharing between a central platform and two floating production and offloading vessels currently in operation off the coast of Angola.

The DVM-50C antenna tracking system is outfitted with an integrated Cambium PTP650 radio; used to form a high-speed, high-capacity network that can offer up to 450 Mbit/s connectivity speeds. The slipring-enhanced DVM-50C offers a 360-degree continuous, marine-grade ruggedized architecture, boasting sea salt and spray-resistant composite materials with dual-layer water protection. These design improvements allow for a compact and efficient antenna system that can deliver uninterrupted use in some of the harshest environments offshore.

The marine-grade BATS DVM systems deliver a wealth of cutting-edge wireless communications and data opportunities to FPSO and platform operators, enabling end users access to faster, more adaptive communications networks for both production and crew comfort. The DVM-50C features BATS’ industry-leading antenna tracking, allowing for the dynamic connection and continual movement of high-throughput point-to-point (PTP) communications while under constant FPSO motion.

“We are pleased to provide a reliable, high-speed wireless solution that will deliver critical FPSO communications and data capabilities for the two floating vessels during offshore operations.” says Phillip Cramer, E.V.P. Sales & Marketing, BATS Wireless. "The need for high-capacity communications capabilities offshore is critical, as it not only increases production capabilities, but is typically their only connection to the rest of the world while offshore."


About BATS Wireless

Broadband Antenna Tracking Systems (BATS) provides a proprietary software and hardware platform that locates, locks and tracks wireless broadband communication access points. Through the use of its industry-first automated microwave tracking and stabilization platform, BATS enables organizations to rapidly deploy self-healing, fixed or mobile broadband wireless networks over long distances without skilled technical resources.

Every day- whether on the battlefield, oil field, or airfield, BATS’ technology is proven in some of the harshest environments on earth; providing organizations access to their critical communications. To learn more, visit:

Here is an example from India using two PTP 650 links in parallel (a 2+0 configuration) for even higher capacity.  This link covers 30 km.