PTP 670 and POE on Cisco switch

Has anyone had success running the PTP670 with POE from a Cisco 9300 (or other)? We get link but the radio will randomly lose power and reboot within an hour of being up. We’ve tried using default auto setting, static 30w, lldp tlv-select power-management, all with the same result.

(config-if)# do show power inline

Module Available Used Remaining
(Watts) (Watts) (Watts)

1 990.0 30.0 960.0

Interface Admin Oper Power Device Class Max

Te1/0/48 auto on 30.0 Ieee PD 4 90.0

Interface Admin Oper Power Device Class Max

Te1/0/48 static on 30.0 Ieee PD 4 30.0

They are suppose to be 30W, which your PoE switch should supply.

However with that said, Cambium Networks recommends using a seperate PoE Injector.

In addition to just power reliability, it provides another form of protection to your switch incase of lightning.

Hi Phillip,
That will work as long as the port is providing sufficient power. There’s a similar post with a response from one of our 670 engineers here: PTP670 PoE power connection