PTP 670 high interference in all bands

Dear All

we have two links that work in the same tower 

really am facing a lot of interfernce

please find the attached screenshoots and link planner

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You may want to use a CMM5 to provide a common sync source between the two links, which will help with self-interference issues. See PAGE 3-31 in the PTP 670 User Guide. If you don't want to use sync, then I'd suggest moving down to a 15MHz or even 10MHz channel width, and enabling asymmetrical DSO. Take a look at this screen shot and study its settings... it's been optimized for a high noise environment.

I applied DSO parameter , disabled extend spectrum option.

Find below the status after changing these parameters almost the same as previous status in my latest report.

Both of them almost 140mbs, which it means 15% from the required BW.

Your Fast response is appreciated

The spectrum you're trying to operate in is very crowded. Try moving down to a 15 or even 10MHz channel.