PTP 670 Lost IP Frame and Corrected IP Frame

I have an issue with PTP 670 about Lost IP Frame and Corrected IP Frame, this link was used to bridge the transmitter for IPTV or TV Streaming, so the slave will burst traffic to the master continually.

Please see attached.

23 May 2023.pdf (2.6 MB)

Hi Muhammad,

If we understand your request here correctly, you are using external adaptors to encapsulate a digital video stream in IP datagrams for transmission over the PTP 670 link. The status display that you shared appears to show that the adaptor has corrected errors in 419 IP frames, presumably using forward error correction (FEC) data incorporated within the TSoIP data. Have we understood this correctly?

Could you tell us if the TSoIP method is based on an industry standard and, if so, which one?

Can you estimate the end to end ratio for lost and corrected IP frames? For example, divide 419 by the total number of IP frames received during the measurement period.

Thanks. Mark

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