PTP 800 Link Down - Reboot Fixes

We are scrambling to get a spare (circumstances were origianlly going to give us a spare set, but didn't work out that way) because I *think* I have one end of my PTP800 link dying. I'll have everything go down on the far side, but if I log into the near side (ethernet) I can reboot the radio and then it establishes link right away. In the last 24 hours we've had it happen three times. Techs checked the far end and found a bad rectifier in the DC plant so we were excited that was the cause, but it just happened again.

Logged into the near side I'm seeing a few syslog messages that are making me wonder if the near side is failing:

status; RFU Tx Mute Status; was=Muted Due To RFU Fault; now=Transmitting;

status; RFU Tx Mute Status; was=Muted Due To Inactive; now=Muted Due To RFU Fault;

status; RFU Cable Attenuation Adjust Alarm; was=IF Cable Attenuator Adjusting; now=OK;

status; RFU Cable Attenuation Adjust Alarm; was=OK; now=IF Cable Attenuator Adjusting;

status; RFU Cable Alarm; was=IF Cable Voltage Out Of Range; now=OK;

status; RFU Cable Alarm; was=OK; now=IF Cable Voltage Out Of Range;

My techs are on their way up to the near side now to check all cabling, but wondering if anyone else has experienced this or any other trouble shooting ideas? Does it sound like it is the near end failing? I don't see anything nearly as interesting in the syslog of the far end.

Have you contacted customer support?

They will likely ask for the LINKPlanner file and .diags files from both ends of the link.

This sounds like a hardware problem at the near end, but without the .diags files, it's difficult to identify the root cause.

What did your techs find out?


They did not find anything obvious, but they did reseat the coax and ethernet cables and oddly enough, we now have no messages in the syslog (other then login notifications). It has spooked us to be looking for something that can replace that, I mean you should really have spares on hand, so moving forward with trying to find something. The vendor we were hoping to find some refurbs at though does not have any and I'm not surprised to learn the models we have are EOL.

This has been rock solid for three weeks, so the issues we were seeing appear to be from an apparent loose coax cable connection. Hopefully this can help someone else to remember to check the obvious first :)

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good to know!!