PTP 820-C/G and PTP 850-C XPIC Configuration


XPIC (Cross Polarization Interference Cancellation**)** is a feature used on Carrier-Class Microwave Link installations to increase capacity and spectral efficiency of a link.

A Microwave Link using XPIC technology capabilities effectively doubles the potential capacity of a Microwave Path.

XPIC allows the assignment of the same frequency to both the vertical & horizontal Polarization on a Path. Where available frequencies are limited then it is possible to assign the same frequency twice on the same path using both Polarizations.

This option is not applicable where there is single radio core in use, or where there are different frequency pairs used.


When we are using same frequency pair on both the radios cores of a PTP 820-C, G and PTP 850-C then XPIC configuration is required.


Below are the steps to enable XPIC on PTP 820-C/G:

  • We can enable XPIC under Radio>Groups>XPIC>Enabled.

Refer below screenshot:


Below are the steps to enable XPIC on PTP 850-C:

  • In case of PTP 850-C radios we have to create AMCC group under Radio>Groups>AMCC.

Refer below screenshot:

  • Once you click on Create, below window will appear. Enable the Groups Admin Status and click “Next”.

Refer below screenshot:

  • Now add both the Radio cores (Radio Slot 1, Port 1 and Radio Slot 1, Port 2) as the members of this group.

Refer below screenshot:

  • Moving forward we also get an option to set MRMC configuration.
  • If you wish to setup MRMC here then tick mark this option and select Script ID, Operational mode, Maximum profile and Minimum profile.
  • Ensure these parameters are configured as per Link Planner only or similar to what is configured at other end.

Refer below screenshot:

  • Once you complete this MRMC configuration and click on Finish, below window will appear with a message “Pressing submit may reset the radio interface and affect traffic”.
  • It is suggested to perform this activity during the maintenance window as this may reset/reboot the unit.

Refer below screenshot:

  • Once we click submit, below AMCC group will be created.

Note: While configuring XPIC ensure that the admin status of both the radio cores is up and activity is performed during the maintenance window.