PTP 820 G: External alarms configuration

Summary :

Here in PTP 820 G, we can configure external alarms (Input and output). We have 5 severities (Intermediate, Critical, Major, Minor and Warning).


Alarm notifications in microwave radios are critical for ensuring network reliability, minimizing downtime, meeting SLA requirements, and enabling efficient troubleshooting and maintenance. By promptly alerting administrators to faults or abnormal conditions, alarm notifications empower them to take proactive measures and ensure the smooth operation of the microwave radio network.


The document explains the steps on how to configure external (Input and Output) alarms in PTP 820-G.

Note: The external alarms interface supports five input alarms and a Single output alarm.

PTP 820G includes a DB9 dry contact external alarms interface. The DB9 dry contact external alarms interface is located on the front panel. (Refer below diagram)
The input alarms are configurable according to:

1 Intermediate

2 Critical

3 Major

4 Minor

5 Warning

The output alarm is configured according to predefined categories.

Below is the pin out of external alarm interface:
Configuring Input Alarms:

To enable and configure the input alarms:

  1. Select Platform > Management > External Alarms > Input. The External Alarms Input page opens.

  2. Select the alarm input you want to configure.

  3. Click Edit. The External Alarms Input – Edit page opens.

  4. In the Admin field, select Enable to enable the alarm input or
    Disable to disable the alarm input.

  5. In the Severity field, select the alarm severity:
    • Indeterminate
    • Critical
    • Major
    • Minor
    • Warning

  6. In the Description field, enter text to describe the alarm input. When the alarm is raised, this appears as the alarm description text.

  7. Click Apply, then Close.
    Note: The ID field identifies the external alarm input, The State field indicates whether the alarm is currently raised (on) or cleared (off).

Configuring the Output Alarm

To enable and configure the output alarm:

  1. Select Platform > Management > External Alarms > Output. The External Alarms Output page opens.

  2. In the Admin field, select enable to enable the output alarm or disable to disable the output alarm.

  3. In the Group field, select from a list of alarm groups, or select all groups. When an alarm belonging to the selected group is raised, the alarm output is triggered.

The available alarm groups are:
• Communications
• Quality of Service
• Processing
• Equipment
• Environmental
• All groups

  1. Click Apply, then Close.

Note: For the list of alarms along with the Group and Severity, please refer PTP 820/850 MIB Reference guide 12.1, Chapter-7: Alarms, page number 51.

Below is the link to download the PTP 820/850 MIB reference guide 12.1:

PTP 820 / Cambium Networks Support

File name: PTP 820 Series MIB Reference Guide 12.1