PTP 820 GUI Modes

The PTP820 series has a GUI known as EMS.
In respect of the screenshot below showing certain pages from the Configuration Guide:
Ref 3 - Shows a description of the fact that the GUI can be set to Advanced or Basic mode.
Ref 2 shows a screenshot of the GUI in Advanced mode
Ref 4 shows 2 screenshots in basic mode.
So far so good.
Many figures in the config guide are of the form show in Ref1.

What mode is that?


Hi Shaun,
It’s tough to tell fom the screenshots. Do you have an 820? If you login you can toggle between baic and advanced to see the difference. The basic is just a simpler UI to show fewer options.

Thanks @Cambium_Brian
Advanced and Basic is clear to be. No problem there.
But this 3rd state I need to understand.
The screenshots below are from the same document I got from here
Support > Downloads > PTP820 > PTP 820 All Outdoor User Guide 12.3.pdf
Look for Figures 14 and 16 as per below and compare them.
On Figure 14 we have the mystery 3rd state.
The menu is not the same as you can see.
Figure 31 is different again.

Can I have confidence in this document?