ptp 820 login failed straight out of the box

PTP 820 won't let me login straight out of the box. I can access the radio but default credintials won't allow me to login. Can login to one radio but second radio just says "login failed"

You can create a new admin username using the below snmpset command.

snmpset -v 2c -c (write community string) (radio IP address) . in ASCII decimal format)  i 5 . in ASCII decimal format) s (password) . in ASCII decimal format) s (profile security level)

For each letter of the username, enter the decimal ASCII value separated by decimal points.

e.g. to set a username cambium with password recovery:
snmpset -v 2c -c private . i 5 . s recovery. s admin


Vivek Gupta

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I have to change the IP in the command from "" to "", but after running the command, I get the output:  "s: Needs value"

Any ideas?

Hi rconaway,

Could you share the snmp command you're using?  The original solution is missing a space after 'recovery'.  Could that be the problem?



If you are using chrome, It could be a caching issue. This has started happening to me quite a bit lately. It looks like it will let me log in,but then reverts back to the login screen right away with that same message. When it happens to me, I use a different browser and I am able to log in just fine. Just a thought

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snmpset -v 2c -c private . i 5 . srecovery . s admin

snmpset -v 2c -c private . i 5 . s recovery . s admin


"Error in packet.
Reason: (genError) A general failure occured
Failed object: SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.2281."

I did an SNMP walk and it looks like the MIB's stop at .  Does anyone know how to fix this?

this bug is so aggravating, this exact snmp command worked earlier, and now it doesn't....even with physical reboot

Hi dsf,

Could you let me know the software version you're using and the radio type - PTP 820C/S/G?

I'll do a test in our lab to make sure it's working with the same setup as yours.  This command should be working for you.  


Dear Sir,

Please could we use this commande straight connected on the radio (to set a username cambium with password recovery:
snmpset -v 2c -c private . i 5 . s recovery. s admin) to recovery the password ?

Please could you details more for me?

You are so right. I've been having this the last two days. Pasting a password in and it says incorrect pass. I finally went on a Virtual machine that has never accessed the network and it let me in one time. Crazy.