PTP 820 NMS Release 15A00 is available

We are happy to announce PTP 820 NMS Release 15A00 is available at:

New Features included in Release 15A00

  1. New Supported Device Networks and Software Versions

PTP820 NMS R15A00 adds support for the following new device software versions:

  • PTP820G G8.3, G8.5.5, G8.7
  • PTP820C C8.3, C8.5.5, C8.7
  • PTP820S C8.3, C8.5.5, C8.7
  1. Expanded PM reports available from the GUI and CLI

You can generate any of the following types of performance reports:

  • Interface Performance Report, for the following interfaces:
    • Ethernet Radio
    • E1/DS1
  • Radio Performance Report
  • RMON Report
  • Trails Performance Report
  1. Support for SNMP V3 for PTP820 devices

From R15A00, PTP 820 Connection templates support SNMP v3 for securing the connection from the PTP820 NMS to the device. Northbound interface SNMP also supports SNMP v3 for alarm forwarding.

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