PTP 820 NMS is a comprehensive Network Management System offering centralized operation and maintenance capability for the complete range of network elements for PTP 820 product portfolio. PTP 820 NMS is based upon state-of-the-art technology as a scalable, cross-platform system that supports distributed network architecture.

PTP 820 NMS has network auto-discovery and uses the configuration data in the network elements to automatically build the managed network. The various elements and their attributes may be accessed using the intuitive graphical presentation of the element and its components. PTP 820 NMS provides a continuously updated display of network status. Network events are reported from the elements using notifications. An extensive database and context-sensitive help enables the user to analyze and report network events.

PTP 820 NMS provides the following network management functionality:

  • Fault management
  • Configuration management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Ethernet and TDM service management
  • Security management
  • Graphical user interface with multiple maps
  • Network topology using perspectives and domains
  • Automatic network element discovery
  • HW and SW inventory
  • Software download jobs
  • Bulk setting of attributes on multiple elements
  • Report generator
  • Northbound interface to higher order OSS
  • Open SNMP Adapter

For more details, you can find the PTP 820 NMS datasheet under our product web page.


For anyone interest to run PTP 820 NMS trial with demo license, please contact our techical support team with follwing informatiion.

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The demo comes with access for 24 clients and 30 radio TRX.  Which is 15 820C radios or 30 820S.



Hi Allen,

Customer need one NMS platform support PTP820 and PTP670 at same time. They don’t like separate NMS system for PTP820 and PTP670.

(Q1) Do we need customize this NMS platform support PTP820 and PTP670?

(Q2) As I know Cambium Wireless Manager support PTP670. Does Wireless Manager support PTP820 series?

(Q3) Does PTP 820 Network Management System (NMS) support PTP670? 

Eric Wang

not sure what NMS they have, but both PTP 820 and PTP 670 support SNMP. If they can create the equipment template at their own NMS, they shall be able to manage PTP820 and PTP 670 from there.

Wireless Manager support both PTP 670 and PTP 820. But need to be clear, this is a product already end of development. So many of the new feature or functions of PTP 670 or PTP 820 can't be managed from wireless manager.

The PTP 820 NMS can manage PTP 670 through SNMP. it is not ideal.



What would you suggest to use to monitor your network if you use 650, 670 and 820 PTPs.

Cnmastro supports the 650, 670 and then I would have to use the NMS just for the 820? would that be the best way to go?


There is no 'best way' if you ask me.

Use cnMaestro for PTP6X0 links and for PTP820 use seperate NMS.

You can also onboard PTP6X0 devices into PTP820 NMS, but you have to buy license for each device...