PTP 820 PoE Injector Specification

PTP820 PoE injector specification can be found from the PTP820C, PTP820S product specificdation.



For your convinience, here is the data sheet just for PTP820 PoE injector.

PoE Injector Mechanical Specifications
• Dimensions – 134mm(H), 190mm(W),62mm(D), 1 kg

PoE Injector Environmental Specifications
• 33°C to +55°C (‐45°C to +60°C extended)

PoE Injector Power Input Specifications
• Standard Input: ‐48 or +24 VDC
• DC Input range: ±(18/40.5 to 60) VDC (+18VDC extended range is supported as part of the nominal +24VDC support)

PoE Injector Interfaces

  • DC Power Port 1 ±(18-60)V or ±(40-60)V
  • DC Power Port 2 ±(18-60)V (Optional)
  • GbE Data Port supporting 10/100/1000Base-T
  • Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) Port
  • Grounding screw



for further clarify:

the OUTPUT of PoE injector is -48VDC and power input range is:

- If the input is -48V, the range is -40.5 to -60.

- if the input is +24V, the range is +18 to +60