PTP 820 Release 10.9 and PTP 820 NMS R18A000 is available

We are glad to report that PTP 820 Release 10.9 and PTP 820 NMS R18A000 is available under support web page

Following are the main new features introduced in release 10.9.  The highlights are

  • Advanced Spatial Diversity supported in PTP 820C and PTP 820C HP
    • Eliminate one antenna, only three antenna is required
    • 25% saving on OPEX and CAPEX
    • 3dB and 6dB increase on system gain
    • Remote tower space limitations
  • 2048 QAM support on 80 MHz for PTP 820S and PTP 820C, PTP 820C HP
    • 6% throughput increase compare to 1024 QAM
    • Without compression, single carrier can support 679 – 829 Mbps depends on frame size.
  • Quick Configuration Wizard for 2 x (1+0)
    • Customer can setup a 2+0 without MC-ABC using installation wizard.

Here is a summary for new features, details can be found from release notes:


We have NMS version 15, could we upgrade to 18 version with the same license? Probably support should generate us a new license for new version, but is it possible to do it without buying new license, just because of new NMS version?

Thank you.

The license key has no dependancy on software release.  You can upgrade the system without need a new license.



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Thank you!

Thank you.

re: PTP820G. Has this version release received FIPS140-2 certifcation? If not, what is the target date for compliance? Thank you.

This release is NOT FIPS140-2 validated. Our next FIPS-140 validated release will be 1H 2020.

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