PTP 820E, E-Band


I have been trying to understand what minimum throutphut can be used with the PTP820E.

By default PTP820E works with 10 Mbit\s throughput.

I found  the table with capacity activation keys in the technical description on PTP 820E. In the table licensing begin from 100 Mbit\s.

But in the price list for distributors this licence referes to the PTP820S.

Could this licence be install on the PTP820E?

Hi Anton,

Those keys you referenced are specific to the PTP820S. The latest price list hasn't been updated with PTP820E parts and pricing yet, but will be soon. Here are the capacity key options for the PTP820E:

 C800082K003A   PTP 820 Act.Key - Capacity 1G with ACM Enabled, Per Tx Chan 
 C800082K004A   PTP 820 Act.Key - Capacity 1.6G with ACM Enabled, Per Tx Chan 
 C800082K005A   PTP 820 Act.Key - Capacity 2.5G with ACM Enabled, Per Tx Chan 


Thanks for the answer.

This isn't convenient. The customer currently doesn't need such high capacity.

The license for 1G is quite expensive.

It would be great to have a possibility to increase the speed gradually.

If you have a super short link that needs less then 1gbps, why not use PTP670 or PTP550 w/integrated antennas? OR wait until Cambium's 60GHz gear comes out.


Unfortunately the band 5 GHz isn't unlicensed in Russia. It is very difficult to get frequency in a big city.

E-band and V-band is unlicensed. That why we are use E-band.

Siklu and Ceragon have such possibility as gradually increase capacity.