PTP 820s Grounding utiliseing Out of band Management.

Hi guys just want some clarification here regarding my 820s installation. I am utiliseing the stand alone 56v PoE injector. I am runng two cat 5e SFUTP one for Poe and one for management. What is the best practice guide in relation to LPU and cable grounding. I will Earth the ODU to the mast, Utilise the cable ground Kit on the Sheething of both cables close to the termination point of the ODU(Cable length is 40m). Is it nessacery to utilise the 56 volt Cambium surge supressor for each cable management and PoE in the comms room and do i need to also earth the surge supression units. Please clarify

Hello, this post has some good information with some caveats: the C000000L033A Gigabit Surge Suppressor (56V) should only be used for grounding non-POE enabled ethernet cables runs (i.e. out of band management cabling).  We recommend using the third party ALPU-F140 surge suppressor for any cable runs without POE.  Using the C000000L033A Gigabit Surge Suppressor (56V) on cable runs without POE current may cause bit errors on the cable.

Also, the PTP820 series has built in surge suppression and it is not 100% necessary when using a PTP820 and the outdoor POE supply (also has built in suppression).  However, if using the indoor POE supply, or in areas of high static, we recommend additional surge suppression.  Here is some additional information, in addition to the installation guides available here.

You will end up grounding the ODU's and surge suppression equipment, and then use the grounding kits for enthernet based cabling.  If you build out the design in LINKPlanner, it will assume grounding every 20ft.  I would also highly recommend using outdoor rated cabling.

Hi Mate,

You say the gigabit surge suppression  should only be used for grounding non poe cables then you say we should use third party for no poe cable???? Do you mean 56v Gigabit surge suppression device is for PoE cables and third party for non PoE e.g managment port.

This does not clarify the management port cable.

The 820s will be power by PoE injectpor as the image shows below. I will add at the 40m mark a cable grounding kit which will ground the sheath. What i need to know is should the mangement cable also be protected by a 56v surge supessor. The management cable will have a grounding kit installed at 40m also.

Yes, best practice would to also have a surge suppressor on the management cable.  What I was pointing out is that you shouldn't use the same surge suppressor for the management cable, as you do with the POE cable.

Use the C000000L003A Gigabit Surge Suppressor (56V) on the POE cable (ETH1 only).

Use the third party ALPU-F140 (our recommendation) on the management cable (or any additional ethernet ports that are not POE capable - MNG/PROT port and ETH2/3).