PTP 820S Protection Splitter cable

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I'm going to be troubleshooting a PTP820S 1+1 system. Before heading out to the sites I want to make sure I get familiar with the way it should be wired. The only thing I am getting caught up on is the Protection Splitter cable. 

I looked for wiring diagrams in the user manual but I couldn't find any, all I found was a description. See pictures below. 

Can anyone confirm that my wiring diagram is correct for a 1+1 PTP820S system?


See the installation manual for a wiring diagram.

See also this post for a pinout of the splitter cable:

I hope this helps!


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I've attached a picture showing how the management cables should be installed.  If you're using a POE device, that will be separate from this management connection.

The connector ends (SYS) of the management Y-splitters go into the MGT ports of the 820S radios.  Between the PROT sockets of the Y-splitters you will connect a Protection Signaling Cable.  The pinout for the Protection Signaling Cable is in the Installation Guide.  From each MGT socket of the Y-splitters you'll have a cable coming down the tower for local management.

For the POE / user data connection, connect a cable between the ETH1/POE port of the radio and the POE port on the POE device.  Then connect a cable from the ETH port of the POE device to your switch.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Thank you Steve! 

That makes a lot more sense now.