PTP 820S Typical Power Consumption


I'm planning a couple of PTP820S links just now which are likely to require an off-grid power supply at the repeater due to location. The spec sheet lists the maximum consumption of 40W (<=11GHz) or 35W (>11GHz) and whilst I'll use those for solar\wind\battery design, I'd appreciate if anyone has real world power draw figures that I can also use to try and optimise the design rather than over-engineer to maximum consumption.

The repeater site will have two 820S units, most likely at the moment a 7GHz unit running at near full Tx power, and an 18GHz running at perhaps 10-12dBm. Maximum throughput is likely to be ~200Mbps, largely Rx on the 7Ghz, Tx on 18Ghz.

Many thanks,