PTP 820s VLAN Configuration

I have a this link running in the field and I need to move from a basic allow all transparent pipe to allowing only specific tagged VLANs with in-band management in one of the tagged VLANs. I haven’t found a post or instructions that make me feel comfortable making changes to this unit while running in the field. To summarize, I need to change the pipe to a tagged VLAN trunk port with access and the IP as well to allow in band management. I want to allow only specific tagged VLANs through the pipe as well.

  1. Create a P2P service
  2. Add SP1, SAP Bundle-C, ETH1, add vlans(whatever they are) to the bundle-C
  3. Add SP2, SNP, s-tag, 10, Radio1

For management service
Add SP1, MNG q-tag (whatever it is), Eth1
Add SP2, MNG s-tag 20, radio1

Same for both sides.

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