PTP 850S - Fiber SFP Configuration

Hello, I’m sure it’s buried or I"m misunderstanding, but trying to find the process of configuring the IP settings on a fiber interface. I’ve seen where to change the IP configuration on the copper, but can’t see anywhere to configure these settings on the fiber SFP.

This is on a PTP850S.



There is only one IP address for the radio, regardless of whether you are using fiber or copper.


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Thank you, good to know.

So on a pretty much out-of-the-box state of configuration, if I add an SFP and do nothing aside from configure its speed/duplex settings, then I could reach the radio to manage at from either interface? And then if I later decide I do NOT want in-band management, then making that configuration change would only make it reachable by the copper port (P1/PoE)?

By default, you can only manage the radio via the management port. To manage the radio from any other ports, copper or fiber, you need to add that port as service point to the management service. and delete it from management service if you no longer need it.