PTP 850s single line traffic and Management

Having issues setting up inband management as well as adding a Vlan to management port. How do I set up service to include both traffic and management Vlan?

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Here’s my inband MGMT for the 820s. I can’t imagine that the 850s is too different - the tables might look a bit different since it’s a new interface, but both radios use the same switching machine.

My Services:

Then the MGMT service points:

This is the pipe that the traffic flows over:

And these are the pipe’s service points:

This setup allows me to manage my link on VLAN 820, and the pipe is transparent to both non-tagged and tagged traffic. The service point that connects the radio allows management of both ends of the link at the same time.

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I have it exactly the same I can now talk across to each radio but I am not able to pass traffic. I only have one ethernet port and the rest are sfp. unlike the 820s that has two ether ports one for management and the other for traffic. When I go to Physical Interface My ethernet: Slot 1, Port 1 says media Type SFP.

Looks Like I had to tag pipe to Management port in order to pass traffic on both ends its working so far. Thank you

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I would like to point out that the default MNG Service ID for the PTP850C and E is 1025,

PTP-50S is 257.