PTP 850s single line traffic and Management

Having issues setting up inband management as well as adding a Vlan to management port. How do I set up service to include both traffic and management Vlan?

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Here’s my inband MGMT for the 820s. I can’t imagine that the 850s is too different - the tables might look a bit different since it’s a new interface, but both radios use the same switching machine.

My Services:

Then the MGMT service points:

This is the pipe that the traffic flows over:

And these are the pipe’s service points:

This setup allows me to manage my link on VLAN 820, and the pipe is transparent to both non-tagged and tagged traffic. The service point that connects the radio allows management of both ends of the link at the same time.

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I have it exactly the same I can now talk across to each radio but I am not able to pass traffic. I only have one ethernet port and the rest are sfp. unlike the 820s that has two ether ports one for management and the other for traffic. When I go to Physical Interface My ethernet: Slot 1, Port 1 says media Type SFP.

Looks Like I had to tag pipe to Management port in order to pass traffic on both ends its working so far. Thank you

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I would like to point out that the default MNG Service ID for the PTP850C and E is 1025,

PTP-50S is 257.

Hi Danny, I have the same problem, can I grab a screen grab of that tag pipe going to doittonight and would like the reference. thx

Hey, just a couple items… 1. For inband management to work on the PTP850’s, you have to enable it on the Local Networking page here:

Second, the management interface MUST use and be assigned a VLAN. It will not work properly with untagged traffic.

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Can Vlan 1 be used for In-Band management and traffic?

No, either traffic and MGMT have to be on different interfaces, OR on different VLAN’s on the same interface. Also make sure you enable inband management on the local network config page.

Does this only work with the SFP ports?

I am trying to use untagged data and tagged mgmt on the RJ45 (POE) port of a PTP850C. Can’t get the inband management to work. Data passes between the 2 radios, and mgmt works on the mgmt port (both tagged and untagged, apparently). No errors and the config seems to be correct, it just doesn’t work.

I have 3 PTP850C links doing this on the SFP ports, no problem. And I have a bunch of older PTP820 links doing it on the Ethernet port. So I’m wondering if inband management isn’t supported on the Ethernet port on a PTP850.

I thought maybe it was because I was using v12 firmware, but I tried it on another radio which I didn’t upgrade from 11.7 FW and it did the same thing.

My apologies to Cambium, this is my error. I was trying 2 different laptops, both with Realtek Ethernet interfaces, and apparently setting VLAN ID doesn’t work, it does nothing. Going through a router, it works.

This has me puzzled, because I’m sure this used to work on the same laptops. So either something got broken on a Windows or driver update, or I am having false memories.

One of the laptops also has an Intel NIC but the Intel driver doesn’t let you set a VLAN ID, it looks like you need to install a different driver and then enter some command line stuff. One of the Realtek NICs is an optional second NIC in my Dell rugged Toughbook knockoff, the other is a USB-GigE dongle I got at Best Buy.

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