ptp antenna advice


i'm trying to find good  30 to 35 cm dish antena for epmp con. radio for ptp links!

Cambium 25Dbm antenna is just to big for my situations and force180 to small!

Ubnt AF-5G23-S45 model seams ok but I dont know if I whill able to mount epmp on it and does 45 deg. slant polarization  matetter for epmp

Anyone tried this combo or has some other antenna recommendations!

Thank you!

The UBNT 23dbi airfiber dish is a good choice and will work well with ePMP radios.  For mounting, pickup a few RF Elements EasyBrackets

The slant 45 polarity of the AF dish won't have any negative impacts.

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Thx, I whill try them


wanted to say that I switched the links and I very pleased with the performance with this combo, I did get what I wanted :), but I have one question.

initially I configured the links in eptp but it worked very bad, ustable, low throuput and high latency then I swiched in TDD mode  and links are now rock solid

Network is very active now so I didn't test much, I whanted to have minimum downtime!

Is there something wrong with this mode or some detail that I coud miss, I am not planing to change anything but I am just curious?