PTP Equipment Rental Request - Need to perform a test

Does anyone have a pair of 5.8 GHz (Full or Lite) PTP300, PTP400, PTP500, or PTP600 units complete with PIDUs and the integrated 23 dBi antenna that we could borrow or rent? PTP600 Lite units are preferred.

I am trying to conduct a .3 mile test. We have a pair of 5.8 GHz connectorized units, but the problem is that we only have a pair of 3’ dishes. Due to the phyiscal aspects of the tests, it would be much easier to perform the test with a pair of integrated units.

The hop is .3 miles with a ton of trees closest to one side. I have a feeling that at .3 miles I should be able to blast through the forest.

Thanks for your help.