PTP Link after 10 years in marine environment.

Let´s talk a little bit about quality.

Based on the experience of over 20 years, I can say that what a wireless link user expects from their own radio is install it and forget that it exists. To achieve that we have to talk about quality and reliability.

These photographs show the normal degradation for the environment, but without affecting a PTP300 that was installed 10 years ago without any maintenance, it is on an island exposed to the saline environment of the sea and despite this, it’s still working like the first day. 

I share a phrase: the quality of a communications system is directly proportional to the quality of the worst of its components… an this includes the quality of the implementation.

It gives me peace of mind to know that this genetics is conserved in the PTP670 line and it is the minimum that I expect of the new products.

PTP300 ODU after 10 years.PTP300 gland and connector after 10 years.PTP300 LPU after 10 years.Installation area.


Hello Scolin,

Thank you for this post!

Can you let us know the location of the two sites and services carried by this link.


Hi Peter. 

This link PTP58300 is installing and currently operating in The City of Cancun, State of Quintana Roo, Mexico. The traffic is corporate applications such as voice, data, and video, and it also carries telemetry traffic that it receives from a PMP120 hub in 900 MHz with approximately 20 subscriber links.

Path.Profile.Site B and hub PMP120.


Great. Thank you.

We already have a set of ptp/PMP links with Canopy radios. Amazing piece of equipment.