PTP Link for 50 Kms over a sea from island to island

Dear Team,

Kindly suggest, is it adviseable to go for 52 Kms PTP link through sea water. Can we achieve minimum 50 Mbps?

If yes pls suggest a Radio Model, Antenna and frequency for the same.




Please send an email with the pertinent details (preferably a LINKPlanner file!) to and one of our sales guys will help you plan this network!

I hope this helps!


We've done 32.5km link over water, worked well.  It was using 58300 connectorized and 3' dishes.  The biggest issue was a slight impairment to signal in the summer due to water vapour.  I would dare to say 670's connectorized with dishes would work fine for this deployment.


PTP670 conectorized with 3ft dishes.