PTP Master Alignment Tone

Doesn't it make sense to have an alignment tone available at the Master end of a PTP link?  The original Orthogon line of radios (migrated to the PTP400/300/500/600/250) had alignment tones at both ends.  And I feel like there was a day in the past that PTP100 radios had the tone at the Master as well.  How do the Cambium engineers align a Master?  We all know it's the same hardware, and a PTP Master can only have one Slave registered to it, so why not have the alignment tone?  Or even the same alignment tool/screen like the Slave?

Right now our options are:

1 - assuming close proximity, the person aligning the Slave can key up a portable radio mic with the tone crossing the voice radio for the person at the Master to hear.  Clunky, pain in the ass, but it works a little.

2 - person the on ground continuously reads out the receive levels over the voice radio.  The person on the tower/roof/ladder just relies on how much the ground person is paying attention, how long they can keep their radio keyed for.

3 - have a magnetic case on your iPhone (Rokform) and have your phone stuck to a tower leg with WiFi/VPN and the session page refreshing so you can see it.  Obvious silly problems.

4 - after the Slave is aligned, reprogram both radios to swap the location of the Slave and Master just to get the tone.  Really?  Seems silly to have to do something like this.

If an alignment tone/tool of any kind is available at one end of a point-to-point link, it shold be available at the other end.

On the same topic, with all of the fancy new hardware that Cambium is bringing out, why isn't there a small speaker in the new SMs/PTP radios for alignment like the PTP300/500/600's have always had?  Why make an installer carry additional hardware up a ladder/tower just for a tone?  Software controlled is super easy.  Whats the deal?


I see this has been implemented in 14.1.2b10.  We couldn't be more excited to install our next link.  Thanks Cambium team!!!

Thanks Sri. We couldn't happier. Aligning PTP450i's has been much easier lately. Thank you. 

Hi Aaron - Glad to hear the feature has helped!