PTP or PMP Installation - near power lines 18.3kV


What is the recommended distance between any Cambium device to a live wire with 18.3kV or above. Is there any recommended distance (horizontal/vertical) away from these lines. Is it safe for the device to have a distance of not less than 2ft away (othere than the safey of the installer).

Any recommendation pls?

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Is the 18.3 kV conductor completely insulated? If this is an exposed wire, then I would think that the safety of the installer should be protected, and so this is not a suitable place to locate wireless equipment.



Minimum human safe distance is 10 feet never mind the equipment.


You should always be careful to follow regulations for the country where the link is installed, and consult qualified experts. We cannot advise on the details of local regulations. However, there are several factors you should include in your review:

  • Risk of electrocution: If the 18.3 kV conductor is exposed then you need to consider the risk of electocution to installers and maintainers. Check regulations for restricting the work area around a live conductor, and for precautions to be taken when isolating the conductor.
  • Human exposure to electric fields: If the 18.3 kV conductor will be energised when installers or maintainers are working on the PTP/PMP equipment, whether or not the conductor is insulated, ensure that you don't exceed the field strength limit for human exposure. This will be a local regulation but, for example, the World Health Origanization recommendation is 10 kV/m for occupational exposure and 5 kV/m for public exposure. A straightforward calculation suggests that the safe distance will be about 6 feet for occupational exposure. Of course, if you can guarantee that the conductor is isolated before working on the PTP/PMP equipment then field strength might not be a problem.
  • Surges and transients in the 18.3 kV conductor could be very large, and these transients will couple to the cables for the PTP/PMP equipment. If you decide to proceed, pay very careful attention to grounding and surge protection of the equipment.
  • Do not deploy if obstacles are directly in front of the antenna.
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